South Pole Expedition


To break the world speed record in getting to the South Pole and back in only 55 days or less. Only two expeditions have gone there and back, Roald Amundsen was the first in 1912 took over 90 days and British expedition in 2006 in 73.

This international expedition will cover nearly 2,000 Km from the edge of the sea ice shelf into the Antarctic continent all the way to the South Pole and back out onto the edge of the continental ice in a world record time.

1st PART:

we aim to get to the Pole in 35 days = 1,000km
Ski to the South Pole - From the edge of Filchner Ice Shelf (where R. Messner started the previous expedition).

2nd PART:

14 days = 1,000km
The return from the South Pole to the edge of the continent will be a combination of skiing and Kite-Skiing to Patriot Hills.